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ATF Brasil Machine

The newest fluid exchange technology for hydraulic systems.

The ATF Brasil machine is the newest fluid exchange technology for hydraulic systems. Its transparent tanks allow the color and quantity of the inlet and outlet fluid to be visualized. The system for supplying the new fluid is made by means of a pump connected to a 12 volt battery, with independent power supply.

The acrylic tanks have the capacity of: 11 liters (outlet) and 3 liters (inlet). All of this is housed in a highly resistant cart and wheels with bearings, easy to handle. The adapter kit that comes with the machine is easy to install, making the process faster than the competitor. Patented product, totally national.



Know our Advantages

Learn the main reasons for choosing ATF Brasil!


We offer exclusive and free training for those who buy our machine!

High Performance

Automatic change-over of the automatic gearbox oil. The process is very fast!

Online Suport

Content with exclusive procedures and tips for ATF Brasil customers.

Greater Security

The machine can be easily transported (wireless) and its transparent tanks allow you to see the new and old fluid.



Quick and easy!

With ATF Brazil, a total exchange of Automatic, CVT or Dual Clutch fluid is made in just 5 minutes. Machine operation is easy and is taught through unique content.

Transparent Process!

The entire fluid exchange process can be viewed in the transparent tanks installed at the top of the machine, showing the old oil outlet and new oil inlet.

Sobre Nós

How did ATF Brasil come about?

After years of experience in automatic transmissions, Roberval Cozzolino created ATF Brasil, due to a need of the national market. The exchange of transmission fluid is practiced in Europe and the United States for more than 20 years and for it to 3 years.

The interest arose with numerous cases of breaking of transmissions that appeared in his mechanic workshop, where the biggest problem was of lubrication, due to the difficulty of oil change of the automatic transmissions and premature breaks of the same. He started to change the oil of the transmissions of his clients, obtaining excellent results.


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+55 (19) 98207-4013 | +55 (19) 3329-2598

RUA GIORGIO CLINI, 325 | INDAIATUBA/SP | Brazil | CEP 13338-460

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